Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Debutantes Stepping Out

We had several batches on trial runs for the white broilers for free ranging already, done, observed, harvested and eaten :) Starting with 100, 200 and 300 at a time. I was never around to see them step out for the first time as work took me most of time away from the farm.

We had all been blinded about the whites not being able to survive on the open range, but in our pursuit to give the farmers cheaper and safer food alternatives, there must be a way to have cheaper and more accessible free ranging chicks :) Thus the study on the whites. These chicks are readily available in most areas and pricing range dips to a level that will be very attractive to farmers.

Doc Rey here observing them while inside the brooder. He was ready to let them out now at 18days, just instructing for a manual count and weighing in before set out to range. 14days is what he practices now for brooding time. That will be a separate topic on the observations on brooding the whites for free range.
Average weights taken and head count done....the side doors were opened. See how happy they are? Doc Rey and I were discussing that you never see the industrial white chickens this way in their cramped coops. We thought that all they knew was eat, sleep and fight. Well I guess it is really on the environment. See how happy chickens are chickens naturally? Irregardless of their color :) Same characteristics when out on open areas.
Rats are the biggest problems, so Doc Rey instructs that a side of the metal walling of the brooder be lifted. That way, it will be easier for them to be herded back to safety after they go home at night. This is done as precaution because they are let out open at 14days.
Early evenings, once grouped inside, the metal sheet walling may be slid back to position so they will be safe from the Rats.


  1. Awesome blog, but a quick note, it is hard to read the green writing down the side of your blog (because of the grass!) Good work tho!

  2. @ Tasty, been sending you a text as I wanted to discuss this with you. Did you change numbers?

    @ Mr. Harvie, thank you for pointing out. I will try to figure out how to change it. Is is the links? Maybe that is what I have to change then, color of linkss fonts :)

  3. ang dami ko pong natutunan sa website na ito... dito ko lang nabasa ang tungkol sa natural farming sa pinas...
    before, ang mga reference ko puro pa blogs from europe...
    it's good na meron pong mga tao na nagdedevelop ng natural farming...
    maganda to para sa mga manok...
    sa atin , na kakain ng masustansyang pagkain..
    sa kalikasan...
    at maganda itong opportunity para madevelop ang farming sa pinas...

  4. solraya, may info po ba kayo tungkol sa free range pig?

  5. @ ryle, yes that is done around now nationwide :) Costs low, walang amoy, ang sarap pa ng lasa ng meat.

    Join us sa yahoo group: natural_farming_in_the_philippines . check the files section. That site is a new location kaya parang nawala ang discussions, but the files on protocols are there. Seminars are also scheduled.

    See you there :)