Wednesday, April 06, 2011


TLC is not an abbreviation for a natural farmer's concoction.  Yes, you know it all along...tender loving care :)

We spray our soil with IMO, our trees with FPJ and when during the turn over stage to flowering and fruiting, we use FFJ so that their fruits are large and sweet.

The last typhoon feel almost all our Mango trees.  Thought they were all gone!  But I guess our soil was good and trees were healthy :)  They didn't die on us.  We didn't prop them up anymore as we let the course of the wind tell us how we should plant in the farm.

The Chico is far from ripe.  The fruits are soooo big and still getting bigger :)

Our Duhat fruits are almost like plums and tastes so sweet :)  The Guayabanos are  juiciest I ever tasted and is a lot more sweet than sourish.

Another one we are so proud of is our Langka.  We had pruned the fruits already, to give way to better nutrient distribution, but we still got a very good yield.

In our other farm, we have just been diligent in IMO there to revive the land.  Our citrus trees have started to give us Oranges.  Not yet juicy, but over sweet....I can imagine what it will be like after we focus on those trees there.

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