Thursday, November 04, 2010

Centris Sunday Market

Starting November 7, Philippines for Natural Farming, Inc will have a booth to showcase natural farming from "how to" to marketing of produce and end products. PNFI is committed to spread the good deed of us farming back to basics and using the materials around us for sustainability. We are also aware that our members need a marketing arm to start them off.

Sunshine Chicken is one of the products that will be sold in the booth, together with other produce from our members' farms. Farm inputs, manuals, seeds etc will be made available for those interested to walk the talk with us.

Centris is at the corner of EDSA and Quezon Ave. Parking is convenient and next to the Centris train stop of MRT. The Sunday market will be at the parking lot beside the Centris Walk.

Centris Sunday Market, 6am-12pm. Look up Philippines for Natural Farming, Inc.

Come and meet us. Experience our passion up close and personal. Please support natural farming in the Philippines!

Join our yahoo group: natural farming in the Philippines.

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