Thursday, June 07, 2007

1.04 at 47

The last batch of 75 chicks had been picked up today, weighed at an average of 1.04 kilos at 47 days. No longer chicks I would say :)

I discouraged buyer last week as they wanted 75 and that was all that was left, so no choices for them anymore. After seeing the chicks for themselves, they wanted to go ahead with the PO.

The only ones left now are the 6 heads I saved for our table.


  1. Sir,

    I sent an email inquiring about a week ago regarding price, delivery and payment methods. My email address is joeyski @ / jojo @

    Please reserve 50 chicks for me
    from your next batch, if possible...

    Thank you very much. More power!


  2. Is that for pick up at Fairiew? Pls cordinate w/ me again thru email. ty