Thursday, February 23, 2012

Organic Seminars, March 10 & 11, Hongkong


Goes to Hongkong

FREE SEMINARS: Organic Seminars, Mar 10 & 11, Hongkong

FOR: Agriculture Livelihood Projects (ALP), but will be open to all to join



OPENING REMARKS: Sec Proceso Alcala

MARCH 10 am: Sustainable Organic Agriculture Practices (ASEC Dante Delima)
MARCH 10 pm: Hog Raising (Teresa Saniano)
MARCH 11 am: Pastured Chicken (Rey B. Itchon, DVM)
MARCH 11 pm: Rabbit Raising for Meat Production (ASEC Dante Delima)

OPEN FORUM with Sec Proceso Alcala both afternoons

We'd like to be able to design the courses according to your needs and interests. 

Please email with subject: HONGKONG.  Let us hear from you to spread the word better :)

Friday, December 09, 2011

Growing Sideways

Been quiet as I felt having reached a plateau in terms of sharing our experiences and knowledge for pasturing chickens.

Growing sideways..yes it may mean waistlines hahahhha.  But also, while we were focusing growing taller, we forgot that as you trim the sides, it gets bushy and lush too. Next thing we knew, the sideway growth can't be stopped and widened our vision.

We have shared all we know and went through over the years. Started in pastured chickens in 2000 and since 2010 it looked like we are being brought to another phase...not just chickens but organic agriculture in general.  That has been taking a lot of time and energy...and I tell you, enjoying the shift of work.

In the past months, we have also started contributing to magazines.  It makes our advocacy of marketing organic agriculture easier as we have the opportunity of visibility.

Love this blog, blogging and the people I've met who had been following us over the years.  Not saying goodbye ...just moving on to another blog that will give me more flexibility on topics..meaning I can write about anything organic :)  The new blog had been created, nothing there yet as I wanted to close this before moving.  Can't have two masters at the same time :)

Please feel free to read over the archives here.  The data, information hasn't changed.  Pasturing chicken is older than all of us and has remained to be the same.  IF there will be major changes that I feel you have to know, it will be posted here :)

Email me  Our monthly seminars will cease and we will now incorporate that with the scheduled seminars for SOAP.

Thank you so much for the company...but I will also invite you to keep me company in the new page up very soon!  As Pamela Henares' daughter said.."Birds of the same feeder...palakpalak togider" :) am sure you will still want to join us in anything organic.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Next Write Route

Been very busy lately, and just recently came from Tarlac for the 8th National Organic Agriculture Conference.  I was there primarily for Spread Organic Agriculture in the Philippines (SOAP) and my editor for Agriculture Magazine, Zac Sarian said I should write about it.

I am not apt to write about the event per se, but will want to touch on the takes I got, speaking with the different sectors.

BTW, if you want to see the photos taken during the 8th  NOAC:  

For FOOD Magazine, Nana Ozaeta gave me THE_Camote to write about!  Perfect timing, as we at SOAP had been working on this.  Short article, direct to the point and visuals should be able to capture the reader....that is why I asked for a photographer to please do it for me :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Seminar: "Urban Edible Gardens for Food Security", November 26

DATE : November 26, 2011, 8am-5pm
VENUE: Agribusiness Center, Department of Agriculture, Elliptical Road/Visayas Ave
SPEAKER: Perrine Collin of Cabiokid Foundation

Training and hands-on demonstration on vegetable planting in urban areas even with limited space. Ms. Perrine of Cabiokid will discuss and demonstrate how best to utilize your limited space to growing your vegetables and other food crops by using materials available in your kitchen and surrounding areas (used plastic containers, tires, boxes, and others). She will also demonstrate how to produce at least 40kgs of camote within one cropping time by using two to three tires piled up in a very limited space.

Training Activities/Module

Morning Session:

1) Introduction

2) Permaculture, a system to organize your garden
3) Management of Resources in Urban Areas
a) How to harvest water
b) Clay Irrigation System (how to harvest clay irrigation system
adapted to small garden)
2) Soil Management
a) Theory on soil
b) Presentation on different kinds of compost
c) Hands on preparation/making of kitchen compost
Afternoon Session:
3) Theory and discussions on concoctions
4) Lasagna bedding and square gardening (actual demonstration on the preparation of lasagna beddings and actual planting of the vegetables)
5) Discussions and/or hands-on demonstration on how to use/maximize space for planting vegetables
a) Climbing plants on structure (power point presentation)
b) Hanging pots (power point presentation)
c) Kamote tower (hands-on demonstration)
d) Bottle Tower (hands-on for participants)
Training fee: PHP1500 per person, includes materials, lunch and snacks. 
Please deposit to BPI,Solraya Enterprises, C/A 3535-8057-24.  After deposit, email so we can send you registration forms. 

EARLY BIRD RATE:  PHP1000 good for registration on or before November 18.

Notes: Training will start on time at 8:00 AM

Friday, October 28, 2011

Agriculture Magazine November 2011

Now available!

We are honored to be able to write about Sec Proceso Alcala in a different branch :)

True, it wasn't about agriculture, but knowing the man behind it.