Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Tennis Dress Named Sandy

I have always loved comfortable Tennis Dresses....actually I refer to them as Shirt Dresses :) As far as I can remember, had them in all colors and wear them off till they look like rags to me. Imagine, how they look to others. Then, I go in a rampage buying again of the same style in "all colors please".

Since size (age doesn't matter) made shopping so hard and depressing....I just make long strides when I will be in the area of my favorite suppliers of the comfortable dresses.

Last Sunday at AANI Quezon Memorial Circle was just an ordinary weekend for me. Even if there was an Earth Day show, the list of vendors are the same..nothing new.

Oh but one catches my eye instantly...and the personality and product knowledge of the people (surely only the owners have that passion) made me ask if they will do my size. They may have pretended to have my size, but then, I wanted it to be really fitted for me. YES they will! And in 5days...hmmmmm I like the way they do business.

The other day, they emailed that they will name it SANDY weheehhehehe....first time they accepted a "made to order". They were not contented with their original sample and made another one. I ended up getting both as it was soooooo comfy. Very fairly priced and great find. I emailed her today just that, "glad I found you".

For one, this is real 100% cotton. They have the Pineapple fibers too....but I am an all cotton one.

Visit Nooks at their website....I am also now going to redo our uniforms, for a different look. Our existing ones have served us well..the clean lines, creasefree and comfort of knits are very tempting.

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